The Beautifully Shot Trailer Of ‘Sacch’ Has A Few Surprises!

sacch trailer
Fans of Pakistani entertainment from the 90s will likely be familiar with the husband-wife team of Zulfiqar Ahmad and Tasmina Sheikh, who together created many hit drama serials such as Ansoo, Des Pardes, Thori Khushi Thora Ghum and Maa to name a few. Well, the duo is now back in action with their debut film titled Sacch, which recently saw its trailer launch in a rather star-studded affair at Nueplex theaters in Karachi.
Watching the preview, one thing which immediately catches the viewers’ attention is the breathtaking locales of the United Kingdom which form stunning backdrops for the film’s many romantic and dramatic sequences. That the cast is styled well and attired in equally appealing clothing adds to the overall visual quotient. As far as the genre goes, the film seems to be a romantic drama revolving around Pakistani expatriates, with plenty of relationship twists thrown in for a good measure.
The cast and characters

In the introductory shots of the trailer, we are introduced to the three key characters, played by Elysée Sheikh, Asad Zaman and Humayun Ashraf, forming the love triangle which seems to be at the core of the film. Asad Zaman, looking suave and dapper in tailored suits, inherits his father (Javed Sheikh’s) business and has to deal with it responsibly.

Joining Asad on-screen is Humayun Ashraf (of Ab Dekh Khuda Kia Karta Hai fame) who appears to be a troubled yet rebellious lad with his own frustrations. And then there is the leading lady Elysée Sheikh (real as well as reel life daughter to the producer-director duo), the object of our two male leads’ attention in the film, for whom Sacch serves as the tailor-made launch pad. She plays what seems to be a stubborn and carefree young girl caught between conflicting parents and two lovers. There are also veterans like Javed Sheikh, Uzma Gillani, Fazeela Qazi, and Nauman Masud to name a few, in the supporting cast.

Strong dialogues by Haseena Moeen

Looking at the trailer, one of the strengths of Sacch seems to be its well-written dialogues by Haseena Moeen. The veteran writer from the PTV era with blockbuster TV serials (Ankahi, Dhoop Kinarey, Aahat, etc.) to her credit is coming back to cinema after a long hiatus. She last penned the script of Javed Sheikh’s film Kahin Pyar Na Ho Jaye from the late 90s.

It would be interesting to see her signature characters on the big screen which invariably include a strong independent young woman standing on her own against all odds. Sacch‘s Elysée seems to be following the same template.

Beautiful frames, but where are the songs?

Another promising feature of the film’s trailer is its eye-catching photography. The camerawork has been handled by Kabir Lal, a veteran cinematographer from across the border who has several big-name projects under his belt and his work here is visually spectacular. The post-production team also features noticeable participation of international film technicians.

Interestingly, the dialogue-heavy trailer features no song, although the soundtrack features big names like Rahat Fateh Ali and new artistes like Arman Malik. To give the audience a better idea of what the film has to offer, the makers could have added a song or two in the trailer which would also probably have made it more appealing.

We have some more concerns

While the leading trio looks good on screen, Elysée Sheikh’s dialogue delivery seems somewhat stiff at most places. It’s unjust to comment on her acting chops just based on the trailer, so we will have to watch her performance in entirety before passing any verdict.

Also while some viewers may find the family/romantic-drama genre interesting, there may be a section of the audience for whom the genre and overall treatment of Sacch feel like previous television offerings from the same production house.

Final Verdict

To sum up, while the trailer of Sacch showcases a visually appealing product high on drama and romance, we will have to hold on to our opinion about the film until it hits the screens on 20th December 2019. For now, all we can say is that overall it seems to be a pretty decent fare, especially considering the less than stellar line up of releases we are having for the second half of 2019.



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