The Trailer For ‘Ishrat Made In China’ Is Out And We Are Impressed

Ishrat Made In China Trailer Review

Mohib Mirza’s long directorial debut ‘Ishrat Made In China’ just dropped its trailer and we have to say it’s impressively done.

Based on the classic comedy series from 2006, “Ishrat Baji” , The film was announced in 2019. It had to face multiple delays due to certain inevitable reasons. Last year, the release of the first look of this much-anticipated film was followed by a long lull period where no news on the film was heard. But now, thankfully the makers have not only released a full length trailer but also announced a release date, that too a non-eid one!  So much to rejoice for Mohib Mirza’s fans and Pakistani Cinema lovers.

‘Ishrat Made In China’ Trailer

Coming to the trailer, the film not only marks the directorial debut of actor Mohib Mirza, but also his return to play the main protagonist in a film. He was last seen in Shaan Shahid’s ‘Arth’ in a supporting role.

The two and half minute promotional video depicts the main protagonist Ishrat’s journey from the streets of Karachi to the dark underworld of China( although the film was extensively shot in Thailand, with technicians and action choreographer’s employed from there).

The trailer gives strong ‘Teefa In Trouble’ vibes where a struggling young man from the streets of a big city, trying to make it big, accidentally travels abroad, meets the bad guys and a hot chick, fights the bad guys and ultimately turns victorious.

From the trailer, ‘Ishrat Made In China’ looks like the Teefa of karachi. That’s not to say the film may not have its own identity for it’s just a trailer that we are seeing right now. The clip offers some gorgeous cinematography, fight sequences with a lot of punches flying around and some ornately done dance numbers.

We see Sanam Saeed in bright fun colored shalwar kameez as the love interest of Ishrat. There are fresh faces like HSY, with his intense look, Shamoon Abbasi playing the mentor to Ishrat apparently helping him rise again. Sara Loren adds to the glam factor and a host of supporting cast including Maani, Nayyar Ijaz, Ali Kazmi and Laila Wasti to name a few, contribute to the variety the film promises to offer.

Mohib is seen in a completely new avatar with a chiseled body and some kickass action sequences.

The Verdict

‘Ishrat Made In China’s ‘trailer is more of a visual affair rather than relying on dialogues and songs as we don’t see many included in the trailer. The trailer gives an impression of a fast paced screenplay as it moves from one to another starkly different settings. The film looks like a potpourri of humour, romance and confrontation between the good and evil, where the good prevails in the end. 

As a whole this is a well cut trailer which impresses with its “wow moments”. The credit graphics could have been better though as they don’t seem to sync with the overall mood of the film.

The film is written by Ahsan Raza Firdousi while Mohib Mirza has done the screenplay.

With a release date just around the corner (3rd march) ‘Ishrat Made In China’, definitely appears to be the first biggie of 2022 and an entertaining film to look out for. 


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