Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi Begins On A Clichéd, But Crisp Note

It seems like we are to experience Danish Taimoor playing a rich, spoilt man again, this time for ARY Digital, in a project titled, Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi, starring Danish Taimoor and Durefishan Saleem in the lead. The drama kicked off yesterday on a very clichéd note.

The Story

Shamsher is a spoiled son of a spoiled father who often takes money and power for granted. Shamsher takes keenly after his father and goes to any lengths to get whatever strikes his fancy. If he likes a hotel he eats at, he goes on to acquire it, and is cruel enough to have the owner beaten.

In a parallel universe, we have Maha’s closeknit family that celebrates even the tiniest bit of happiness that comes their way. While Shamsher comes from wealth and power, Maha has a middle class background. Her father is a humble lecturer and her mother is a housemaker who focuses on her family the most. As a result, the family is ready to take a bullet for one another.

The Breakdown

The meeting happens when Shamsher is aggravated at a biker on the road and Maha’s father intervenes to buffer the situation. While Shamsher draws a gun, Maha’s family, along with her sister and fiance, hurries out to drag back the father to save him.

This is love at first sight, because Shamsher falls in love with Maha, who he sees is concerned for her father. He then sets his friend Shahmeer on the task to find everything about the girl.

The Performances

Danish Taimoor as Shamsher does not seem to offer much of what already hasn’t been seen. We have seen him playing the same role opposite Hiba Bukhari and Sanam Chaudhry in Deewangi and Ab Dekh Khuda Kia Karta Hai. Naumaan Ijaz as Dilawar is his usual charismatic self, and Shahood Alvi is impressive as Maha’s father. Durefishan as Maha is also convincing in her role.

For Durefishan, Maha’s character is refreshingly new, since this is definitely different than what she has played before. Hammad Shoaib as Ahsan and Laiba Khan as Maha’s sister are convincing in their particular roles but we’d like to see more of their characters onscreen as well.

Verdict So Far

Following Radain Shah’s story, Ahmed Bhatti has given proper direction. The first episode came of as crisp and without any drag. Our concern is regarding the story, because it seems like yet another tale of a wealthy boy falling in love with a less well-off girl and chaos ensuing. However, it might be far too soon to pass definitive judgments just yet. Regardless, the Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi is engaging.

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