Here’s What We Thought Of Feroze Khan’s Latest Rap Song

Feroze Khan
Feroze Khan

Feroze Khan doesn’t need an introduction. He is one of the most sought-after actors in the Pakistani television industry, having worked on one mega-project after another. His dramas, namely, ‘Khaani’, ‘Romeo Weds Heer’, ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbat 2’ and ‘Ishqiya’ stayed on top of the charts on various channels during their run.

FK, as his fans refer to him, has been trending on social media for quite some time now. However, this time the cause of Khan’s fame was none of his dramas or any social media antics. Instead Feroze’s wife Alizay recently filed for a divorce quoting domestic violence on his part. The matters escalated to court and the actor came under fire from the masses and the entertainment industry for being allegedly an abuser after Alizay published proof of domestic violence in the court.

During the entire fiasco, Feroze Khan has remained indifferent to the accusations made by his ex-wife. Besides that, Khan has been maintaining an active social media profile posting regular content about strength, courage and the fact that he made no friends in the industry.

Amid all of this Feroze Khan launched his own YouTube channel. One wonders why FK took such a step but then again, we cannot be so sure. With a number of celebrities creating content on their YouTube handles, perhaps Feroze Khan too jumped the bandwagon or maybe he is looking for a temporary buffer. That said. Feroze recently released his first rap song on his official channel ‘Maangain Subki Khairain‘.

What We Think Of Feroze Khan’s ‘Maangain Subki Khairain’

Well to be very honest, Feroze’s‘Maangain Subki Khairain‘ comes across as nothing but an answer to all those questions and accusations the media has been hurling at Feroze Khan ever since his ex-wife broke the silence. The gist of the song is the actor talking about strength, courage, indifference, a positive approach and several other things. Although it does seem like the lyrics are all over the place. A mix of Urdu, Punjabi and some English,‘Maangain Subki Khairain‘ is a mixed chaat of sorts that just doesn’t deliver what it was supposed to deliver in the first place.

However, that said, the song definitely has a catchy tune and Feroze is definitely an apt rapper. He knows the highs and lows of rapping and his voice modulation is also impressive. Perhaps if ‘Khaani‘ actor tries to pen down some coherent lyrics next time, he might be able to deliver a memorable rap song. For now, the rap and its timing are just not right.

Audience Reaction

Even though there has been a huge cry, calling out for a ban on Feroze Khan after his wife’s accusations, FK’s loyal fans have lauded his latest attempt at rapping on his YouTube channel. Positive comments have flooded the feed, with listeners praising Feroze’s maiden try at bringing together a rap song.

What do you think about Feroze Khan’s‘Maangain Subki Khairain‘? Let us know in the comments below.


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