Sar-E-Rah Sets Tone for Brilliance With First Episode

Sar e Rah series
Sar e Rah cast

A large number of contemporary television viewers yearn to watch content that shows an honest portrayal of the never-ending societal dilemmas we face. Along with the storyline, audiences and critics also look for powerful performances from lead actors.

Pakistani Dramas, to be specific, usually have all these elements present in a measurable capacity. Our shows have successfully dealt with a lot of social issues in the last couple of decades in a captivating yet meaningful way. ARY Digital rolled out a novel drama serial titled ‘Sar e Rah’ written by Adeel Razzaq of ‘Pukaar’ and directed by ‘Qurbaan’ fame Ahmed Bhatti. The drama aired Saturday night and has already gathered a substantial fan following within a couple of days. 

The First Impression:

It was evident through teasers and highlights that Sar-e-Rah would focus on women’s role in our society. Sar-e-Raah lived up to its hype and managed to encaptivate audiences right from the beginning. 

The first episode of ‘Sar e Rah’On the Road featured Saba Qamar as Rania. The show takes a strong turn when Rania decides to walk in her father’s footsteps and become a Taxi Driver. Rania’s father is going through a serious health condition.

The Execution:

It was honestly refreshing to see Saba Qamar drive her dad’s taxi around the busy roads of Karachi. We could see Frere Hall and St. Patrick’s Church in some of the on-screen footage.

The first episode was relatively fast-paced and impactful. Rania’s encounter with passengers of all kinds, especially a druggy, made it a believable societal reflection on television.

The character arc of most characters is, however, slightly toned down, which is often delightful, but we do need more of each character.

The Performances:

Sar e Rah’s first episode was all about Saba Qamar! Rania’s body language, expressions, and dialogue delivery created magic on the screen. Veterans Fazeela Qazi, Saba Faisal, and Rashid Farooqui managed to do it well, while newbie Junaid Jamshaid Niazi has put his best to fit in this role. It was equally delightful to see Actor Agha Mustafa Hassan as Faraz, who was last seen in a similar role opposite Saba Qamar in Zee5’s web series ‘Mrs. And Mr. Shameem’.

The first episode of this exciting series conveyed a strong social message in an effective, meaningful, and intriguing manner. ‘Sar e Rah’ highlights the life and issues of four women and a trans person belonging to different backgrounds and professions. We’re excited but have our emotions in check; because how often have serials underdelivered after a resounding first episode?


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