Muqadar ka Sitara Asks Questions with No Answers

Muqadar ka Sitara cast

Muqadar ka Sitara, ARY Digital’s daily bout of family trivialities, aired its last episode on 18th Feb 2023. Starring Babar Ali, Fatima Effendi, Arez Ahmed, and Inayat Khan in lead roles, the finale put an end to the dramatic storyline.

Quick Round-Up

Muqadar ka Sitara’s last episode appears rushed with a few glaring loopholes. The final episode saw Babar Ali step in and end Faizan’s marriage with Hadia. Hadia and Razi are hurriedly married off to each other. Natasha, Faizan’s younger sister, dies in a car accident. The only possible reason for Natasha’s death could be to pacify viewers vouching for Razi and Natasha. Which, again, is a sign of weak storytelling.

Faizan is sent off to prison for money laundering and is shown to be suffering the consequences of his actions. All is shown to be well, but only after 62 episodes of masochistic torture.

Positives in Muqadar ka Sitara

Inayat Khan stands out in this otherwise forgettable experience. Razi, played by Inayat Ali, has a gentle on-screen presence, developed through his acting prowess and powerful expressions. Previously having appeared in Dil Lagi with Humayun Saeed, Muqadar ka Sitara will open future doors of success for him.

Babar Ali and Arez Ahmed have a few powerful scenes where they show the brilliant acting standards we have become used to.


Fatima Effendi promised a lot in Betiyaan but couldn’t live up to that in Muqadar ka Sitara. Playing the role of Faizan’s first wife, Hadia is shown to be petite and powerless. Call it a weak storyline or Fatima Effendi’s limited range of expressions, but the character didn’t gather the sympathy it should.

The lack of a strong female lead was also visible across the 62 episodes. Tania Hussain did have a few strong scenes as Ramsha, but the ulterior motives behind them don’t spark much interest.

Our Verdict – What Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong

Muqadar ka Sitara was an elaborate example of what can go wrong will go wrong. The Saqib Zafar Khan directorial left viewers stunned with on-screen deaths, breakups, frauds, embezzlements, court cases, family conspiracies, and rivalries.

The serial lacked feel-good moments that most other 7 pm ARY Digital serials are generously inundated with. The protagonist had zero on-screen chemistry with either of his wives, and the endless family commotion became irrelevant and annoying by the end of the serial.

With the final episode done and dusted, this is a goodbye we definitely don’t feel sad about.


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