Here’s Why Ushna Shah’s Comments on Qavi Khan Were Valid

Ushna Shah on Qavi Khan

Our entertainment industry is notorious for not giving veteran actors their flowers and often neglecting them. Nowadays, older actors are treated as secondary in comparison to the younger stars.

Award shows are more focused on chasing clout using the latest big name rather than giving veteran actors the recognition they deserve. Not too long ago, a legend such as Badar Khalil retired from showbiz after she was disrespected at an awards show to accommodate Fawad Khan.

Here is a detailed look at some veteran actors and the years of hard work they’ve put into the industry.

So, when National award-winning veteran actor Qavi Khan sadly passed away earlier this month, it sparked a debate. Here’s why we think that Ushna Shah’s comments had some truth to them.

Ushna Shah’s Comments on Qavi Khan

The ‘Habs’ actor tweeted the following.

Shah pointed out that Qavi Sahab was never given any Lifetime Achievement Awards before he passed. She also went on to call out the industry at large for not giving its legends their due recognition while they are still around.

The Backlash

Rabya Kulsoom responded to this tweet via an Instagram comment with a fact check.

She went on to list all the awards that Qavi Khan was awarded at a national level. Rabya also asked to “stop making a point out of everything,” implying that Ushna was just looking to create an issue out of nothing.

Ushna’s Response

Ushna responded to this backlash via Instagram stories, clearing her side and giving us a better understanding of where she was coming from.

She clarified that while yes Qavi Khan has received national awards, the veteran actor was never recognized by any private awards. Shah explained that the drama industry is privatized as are the awards. Ushna also made clear that her intent was not to throw jibes or start debates but to open up this conversation so we don’t repeat such mistakes with legends that are still alive.

According to Ushna, Qavi Khan was expecting a recognition award from a leading award show, which he ended up not getting. That was the cause of great sadness for the actor.

Ushna’s co-star and director on ‘Habs’ Musaddiq Malek, whom she mentioned in her story, also backed this in a tweet.

It is indeed tragic for us to know that a legend like Qavi Khan left without proper recognition and due acclaim. It is to note that Khan did receive the ‘most impactful character award’ for ‘Alif Allah Aur Insaan’ at the 6th HUM Awards.

Therefore, Ushna’s comments, albeit unclear at first, are quite valid. We should think about all the other actors that helped shape our industry that are feeling neglected by said industry.

Embracing Change

Award shows like Lux Style Awards and HUM Awards have a responsibility. They should be preserving these legends and immortalizing them for generations to come rather than going after the newest viral sensation.

We can only hope that this debate doesn’t just end here with Ushna and that awards do acknowledge their influence and do some much needed good with it. We are also hoping that Qavi Khan can be given a Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously. Read here for a thorough recap of the icon’s career.

For now, all we can do is be less conservative towards controversial, yet honest criticisms of the industry. Our entertainment industry is for the people, and the people collectively make it bigger and better. We need to recognize legends of the days gone by, and realize the honest message Ushna Shah wanted to portray through her misunderstood tweets.


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