5 Funny Pakistani Drama Names That Will Make You Cringe and Laugh at the Same Time

Pakistani Dramas with Funny Names

We’re not ashamed to say that we’re simply obsessed with Pakistani dramas and this is why every now and then, we bring you compilations of things we find exciting and sometimes freaky. This time, we have for you, a list of Pakistani dramas, with names that make absolutely no sense at all.

For dramas, their storylines are often described by their names, however, the ones listed below, will crack you up more than giving you an idea what the drama is actually about. Half the time you’ll go like Bhaie aakhir kehna kia chahtay ho?

Below is the list of funny Pakistani drama names with unrelated stories, a few of which make no sense at all.


Anmol Baloch played Kiran, the titular character in this drama, that was anything but Siyana. Kiran partook in one whimsical plot after another, sabotaging the lives of every single family member only to get her hands on the family’s wealth. Siyani was the epitome of silliness, giving anything but sensible vibes, in contrast to its name. Maybe this drama would have been better off had its name been “Mein aur Meri Dirty Schemain“, at least it would have made some sense then.


After Siyani, came Meesni. In Punjabi, meesni happens to be a very offensive word and here in the drama, it was rightfully based on Sahira, who wants it all and at any cost possible. Sahira like Kiran in Siyani lusts after wealth and hatches one unbelievable plot after another to show others down and climb her ladder to the top. Perhaps, if the makers settled on Meesni, they could have gone a step further ahead and named the drama “Phapaykutni” an apt word for a character like Sahira’s.


Hook on ARY Digital stars Faysal Qureshi, Saima Noor and Kinza Hashmi in lead roles. Now Hook is one serious drama but the name just doesn’t sit down well with the audience. Hook in Urdu could be anything from a catch on the door to a trap, but the sense implied in the drama is just vague. Maybe the makers could settle for a more subtle name like “Tarap” or “Badla” because that’s what the drama’s plot revolves around. Hook just doesn’t go down with the image you know.


What this drama wants to imply is still unknown to us. An abused child growing up into a violent man, the story had potential. But the name just didn’t do well. Reminds us of Punjabhi films from the days gone, Wehshi Gujjar and the likes. Perhaps Wehshi, the name in itself was the biggest turn off. Who names a drama like this? Come on guys, where’s the creativity? If you could think of a potential story line, maybe you could think of a better name then Wehshi. All thanks to its name and the drama, Khushal Khan’s image is synonym to being a Wehshi for us, at least.

Ishq Jalebi

Now this starred our favorite Wahaj Ali and Madiha Imam in the lead. Like the name, the drama itself was funny. A light hearted romantic comedy that would lift up your mood, no matter when you watched it. The show beautifully captured the spirit of young love and its trials but we just wished it could have had a better name. Maybe something like “Teri Meri Love Story.”

Some other drama titles that we think deserve a mention here include:

Qalandar- like what are you trying to tell with the name guys?

Bepanah- Bepanah what? Kehna kia chahtay hain yeh log?

Ghisi Piti Mohabbat- Weird name for such an interesting storyline?

Romeo Weds Heer- a modern storyline, we get it, but seriously? There could have been a better name.

Last one- and our favorite Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai.. Tu bhaie na karo mohabbat but naam tu achaa rakhlo..


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