Saad Or Murtasim: Which of Wahaj Ali’s Characters is Better?

Saad or Murtasim?

Perhaps you’d think we’re obsessed with Wahaj Ali and it is partially true as well. And why shouldn’t we be? He’s such a brilliant actor and his recent characters have become all the rage. Whether it is Saad in Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha or Murtasim in Tere Bin, Wahaj Ali is playing both of these contrasting characters to the best of his abilities, making both of them believable and making the audience fall in love with both.

But, which one of Wahaj Ali’s characters is better? Naturally, picking between the two was a herculean task, but we have done what we can to pick the better character.

Saad or Murtasim? Take A Pick

When it comes to taking a pick between Saad and Murtasim, we’d say, perhaps most ladies of today would hardly fall for a guy like Murtasim. Controlling and with anger issues, Murtasim is, however, devoted and a man of his words. He stands by his wife in front of his mom, he goes into enemy’s land armed to avenge the honour of his woman, come on, who does that in times like today? Only a guy like Murtasim.

Murtasim is hardcore and he’s not the average boy next door. On the contrary, Saad is your chocolate hero. Silent, devoted and again a man of his words. He supports his woman through and through and is ready to take her pain away. While Murtasim knows how to lay a claim, Saad is one who would let his love go, only because he wants to see her happy. For Saad, Maheer’s happiness is everything, while for Murtasim, Meerab is everything but he will not compromise on his honour.

Saad embodies everything a girl would ever want in a guy. He is charming, devoted and loving, someone who will always be there for you with a smile on his face, to take your pain away. Murtasim, he’ll be the one to give you pain, get you in the eye for an eye if you so much as think about deceiving him. When he loves, Murtasim goes all over and above, but when he hates, he detests with a capital D. Saad, on the contrary.. he’ll take the deceit with a smile as long as it makes his woman happy. Murtasim lives with Meerab, but Saad, he lives for Maheer and her happiness.

Saad or Murtasim, its hard to decide who to pick. It is even harder to believe that these both are fictional characters played to perfection by Wahaj Ali that have women swooning over them, left, right and centre. But there is one thing though.. “Its hard to fall in love with a guy like Murtasim, but if one ever does, its hard to fall out”

Wahaj Ali’s Brilliant Acting Chops

Years laters, when the history of Pakistan television will be written, it will certainly talk about the characters played by Wahaj Ali. Whether it is Shariq Habib in Ehd-e-Wafa or Hamza in Fitoor, whether it is Saad in Mujhay Pyar Hua Tha or Murtasim in Tere Bin, Ali has played all his characters with sincerity and utmost brilliance.

Wahaj can make you love or hate a character with his acting. He conveys emotions without dialogues, purely with his expressions. His eyes do most of the talking in scenes where he is quiet. Currently Wahaj Ali has become one of the most celebrated actors on screen. His acting is perhaps one of the main reasons why critics have glorified Ali’s antics and his shows revolve around his characters. The writers do write characters and anybody could play them. But when Wahaj takes over a character, he makes it his entirely.

So yes, the love and adulation you see in the audiences for Saad and Murtasim together, it has to be Wahaj Ali’s doing for now. Both these characters will be remembered for times to come, alongside our personal favorite Hamza from Fitoor. These characters may have been the writers’ product in the script, but once Wahaj Ali touched them, he made them his own through and through. Saad and Murtasim will continue to be loved for a long, long time. Why pick one when you can swoon over both?


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