Who Should Shayan be With in Ehraam e Junoon? Shanzay or Sajeela?

Ehraam e Junoon couple and cast

Ehraam e Junoon is off to a roaring start! The drama has us hooked with its vivid storytelling, narratives from different economic backgrounds, and insights into the weird emotion we call love. The drama’s success has, however, led us to a new confusion of sorts.

Who should Imran Abbas’s character Shayan be with? The drama shows two different people in Shanzay and Sajeela. Shanzay is bold, outgoing, and stubborn in all the right ways. Sajeela is, however, a bit uptight, she holds herself back, and is a tad bit materialistic. Stay with us as we see who should Shayan end up with.

Shayan and Shanzay in Ehraam e Junoon

Shayan and Shanzay look like a match made in heaven. We’re totally rooting for the couple, and like how Shanzay givers her all in love. She is stubborn, she wants what she desires, and Neelam Muneer is doing a pretty good job in playing her character.

The couple didn’t seem to have hit the ground running in the initial few episodes, but they’re quietly settling into the emotion. Shanzay wants Shayan for who he is. She admires his hard work, and some of the interactions involving her have been sweet and adorable. The hug with Shayan’s mother still makes us go aww.

Shayan and Sajeela

Sajeela is more uptight and reserved. She doesn’t show her affection for Shayan and keeps to herself. Shayan, however, is drawn more towards Sajeela. He is seen chasing her, and as men would agree, we like what we can’t have.

Sajeela is more materialistic. Naturally, she doesn’t come from a rich background, and wants to secure her future. Right now, Shayan isn’t really the shining knight in golden armor to save our damsel in distress from the economic trials and tribulations, which is why she isn’t going after him. While Sajeela is materialistic, we understand where that comes from.

While Nimra Khan looks elegant as Sajeela, we can’t stop ourselves from fantasizing over Shayan and Shanzay. Neelam Muneer and Imran Abbas make Ehraam e Junoon the classical tale of love that it is, and we are completely rooting for them. Let us know if you agree with us.


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