Kabli Pulao’s Finale: A Heartfelt Culmination Of Simplicity And Love

Who could predict that a show with little to no star face involved would manage to become the biggest blockbuster of the year. Kabli Pulao, the delightfully surprising superhit drama by Green Entertainment came to an end last night after a run of 19 episodes and we fans are definitely not disappointed.

Starring veteran actor and director Ehteshamuddin opposite the young, immensely talented, and promising Sabeena Farooq, the project is a Kashif Nisar directorial and penned down by Zafar Mairaj.

The Successful Run

In the era of glamour, sparkle, and never-ending sensationalism and grandness, there comes a show that grabs the attention of the masses for its simple storyline and subtle script, the beginning of ‘Kabli Pulao’ and the massive acknowledgement spoke volumes itself.

Story of a simple Afghani refugee Barbeena played by Sabeena Farooq who ends up marrying a 51-year-old Haji Mushtaq played by Ehteshamuddin who nothing is but a dedicated and sacrificing family man. A father figure to his siblings as well as their children, Haji Mushtaq was shown as a pious man who spent his entire life serving his family so much so that he never got settled. The story then progressed as Barbeena and Haji Mushtaq tried adjusting to the situation they were landed in. 

The Casting And Performances

‘Kabli Pulao’ cannot be categorized as a hero-centric commercial drama that contains one damsel waiting for a knight, although it beautifully shows the chemistry between the leads. The show is dedicated to the supporting cast as much as the leads.

Nadia Afgan’s portrayal of the resilient and equally vulnerable Shameem will be remembered surely for years to come. Also, Abdullah Farhatullah’s brilliant performance as Baraan won us several times during the run. Some other notable performers of the show include Saqib Sumeer, Fajjer Khan, Raima Khan, Umer Dar, and Adnan Shah Tipu.

The Climax

The last episode of Kabli Pulao is a piece of perfection just like the show itself. Haji Mushtaq and Baraan’s one on one conversations as two broken men who are both in a complicated situation was pure as well as refreshing. It is a rare sight where two men who are in love with the same woman communicate so impactfully that it leaves a mark on the viewer.

Shameem’s advice Haji Mushtaq to leave everything for Barbeena’s sake is truly a heartbreaking and beautifully written scene. Nadia Afgan depicted the pain of one-sided love and then the helplessness of letting that loved one leave but that too for his own prosperity shows how greatly talented she is.

The clever hints of the possible pairing of Chammo and Baraan was also pleasant but the heart of the episode has to be the very last scene where Barbeena and Haji Mushtaq start to live their innocent new journey with a small venture of Kabli Pulao.

Summing Up

It would be sinned to not watch a drama as beautiful and as gentle as Kabli Pulao. That too in these times when Pakistani television really needs to get redefined for its simplicity and meaningful storytelling and not for glamour, melodrama, designer clothes, grand sets, and sensationalism. Kabli Pulao is now airing on Indian Television on Zee Zindagi, attesting to the widespread recognition of the show.


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