Love, Lust, And Rivalry: Faysal Quraishi And Dur e Fishan’s ‘Khaie’ Unwrapped

The debut episode of Geo Entertainment‘s ‘Khaie‘ not only captivated the viewers with its enthralling storyline and breathtaking views of Pakistan’s northern areas but also served as a delightful reunion for the dynamic duo, Dur e Fishan and Faysal Quraishi. Faysal, making a triumphant return post ‘Fark‘, and Dure, back on the Geo screen since her appearance in ‘Jurm‘, hint at an impending call to action — a promise of real violence and intense conflicts that will undoubtedly keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The Intricate Rivalry of ‘Khaie’

The storyline weaves a compelling saga of rivalry between two tribal titans, Duraab Khan played by Khalid Butt and Darwaish Khan – portrayed by Noor ul Hassan. The tension escalates as Duraab, the perpetrator of a heinous act against Darwaish’s family, awaits the impending revenge. However, as Darwaish Khan returns to his hometown with his family for a vacation, he shocks everyone by extending an unexpected olive branch, forgiving Turab for the unforgivable. Yet, Duraab, a conventional and sceptical Sardar, remains hesitant, questioning the sincerity behind Darwaish’s gesture, and making things worse for his family. Make us wonder what’s wrong with him.

Beyond Love: Exploring Desire in ‘Khaie’s Twisted Tale

In the fascinating world crafted by the director Wajahat Hussain, Khaie unfolds a tale of unexpected connections. Zimad, daughter of Darwaish Khan – played by Dur e Fishan and Chinar Khan, son of Turab Khan – played by Faysal Quraishi collide, unravelling a tale not of love, but of unbridled lust that defies norms. Chinar, a twice-wed rebel, succumbs to Zimad’s allure, plotting a new escapade fueled by desire. Surprisingly, he reveals a softer side by defending his first wife, unveiling the complexities within. Meanwhile, Zimad, brilliantly portrayed by Dur e Fishan, is an educated, vibrant, dreaming of love and a village school. Dure totally owned her role, rocking the tribal vibes with that traditional attire and a signature tribal braid – the perfect combo of adorable and effortlessly elegant.

Wajahat Hussain’s Khaie: A Cinematic Expedition into Tribal Turbulence

Director Wajahat Hussain skillfully immerses the audience in tribal culture, from the explosive gunshots welcoming friends to the crowd gatherings, depicting the raw lifestyle of a Sardar. The ruthless nature of Chinar’s father, who cuts a villager’s thumb over a property dispute, sets the tone, ensuring the audience fears the Turabs, a family not known for mercy. The director nails every detail, making Khaie a captivating journey into the heart of tradition and intrigue. Appreciation goes to the cast for their commendable efforts in capturing the Pashtun accent. The attention to detail, from costumes to dialogue delivery, is noteworthy and adds authenticity to the overall experience.

As the new year unfolds, ‘Khaie’ offers a fresh adventure for drama enthusiasts. The upcoming episode, teased with glimpses of violence leaves us curious about the journey ahead. Let’s see where this narrative takes us in the realm of drama.


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