Why Does Tere Bin’s Meerab Refuse to Budge?

Meerub in Tere Bin

Tere Bin is Pakistan’s most exciting and trending serial currently. Meerab and Murtasim’s love story has kept viewers hooked to their TV screen. In fact, last night’s episode was also trending on YouTube across both India and Pakistan.

While Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi have done outstanding jobs as the male and female leads in Tere Bin, there are questions asked of writer Nooran Makhdoom’s character arc for Meerab. Even after 30 see-saw episodes of love and unrequitedness, Meerab refuses to show signs of maturity and pragmatism.

We look at some of the different ways Meerab leaves a lot to be desired in Tere Bin:

Meerab Refuses to Love Her Husband

Meerab’s refusal to love and fall for Murtasim is a baffling mystery for audiences. Such is Murtasim’s charm that every young girl in Pakistan has fallen for the character, except, of course, Meerab.

She refuses to budge for him through his show of love, care, possessiveness, and what not. In fact, the only time she shows love for Murtasim is when Haya tries to lure him.

Stubborn Behavior (Not Being Stubborn Where It Matters)

Meerab is stubborn, and by stubborn we mean obstinate, ziddi, and every other related adjective. She cuts off Murtasim when she wants, she goes by her own will, and even sometimes befuddles users with impractical demands.

However, the one time you really wanted her to be stubborn and obstinate, she completely disses that part of her. Meerab meekly follows Rohail when he stops her cab on the road – the cab driver was probably more stubborn than Meerab in that particular scene.

She then follows Rohail to his apartment, and then to his room, without once showing the ziddi behavior we had all become used to. And, we’re guessing Rohail didn’t have to hold her by the hands and drag her to the flat, as Murtasim would have done.

Not Learning from Mistakes

She fails to learn from her mistakes. Be it speaking against Murtasim or not blocking approaches from Rohail, Meerab completely refuses to accept reality and learn from her mistakes. There are similar glitches in Murtasim’s character as well, especially since he slapped Meerab in one of the earlier episodes, and then asked her to jump off the terrace to prove she’s right in the recently concluded episode. However, Murtasim has shown signs of improvement throughout the drama, especially in his acceptance of Meerab.

Our Thoughts

Yumna Zaidi is absolutely spectacular as Meerab. But, after 30 episodes of Tere Bin we can’t help but wonder where exactly is Meerab’s character headed. Are we going to see a twist and change in her behavior, or is the climax going to be a lesson in karma for her?


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