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Love Mein Gum: Trailer Review by Momin Ali

I am super excited to be "quoted" in the last article of Galaxy Lollywood on Reema’s upcoming film Love Mein Gum. Furthermore as I...

Hum Network – A Humming Tune of Growth Beyond Boundaries

By Syed Bilal Hasani The writer is the alumni of Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden and an electrical engineer by profession. He has a...

(Guest Article) This new Sultanat promo is sleaziness personified says Myrah Nerine Butt!

We here at Galaxy Lollywood consider ourselves the "people's website". We love to interact with our readers and  get their feedback so we can...

These five statements made by Meera show how brilliant she actually is.

by Ashtar Haideri The writer is an undergraduate student at LUMS and has a keen interest in Pakistani Cinema. The Pakistani film industry doesn’t have a...

The 5 Divas all set to make it big in Pakistan’s Film Scene

Lads and ladies nowadays criticise there are no fresh faces in the Film Industry and that the old ones keep repeating, well guys that's true to a great extent but not entirely. There are new actors and actresses trying to make their presence felt in the industry and almost every recent release, or the ones that are to make it to cinemas in near future for that matter, have all their fair share of fresh faces in the offer.

News Aaj Kal: Fawad Khan’s Indo-Pak project, Kambakht update, Major Mujtaba’s foreign trip in...

Denying all the rumors, the source says Shoaib Mansoor is currently just relaxing and has no plans of making a film in the near future. Well, don't be upset, you never know when Shoaib Mansoor would surprise you all of a sudden, it can after all be just a tactic to keep things tightly under the wraps; just the way Mansoor likes it.

VEENA MALIK ko 7 Khoon Maaf: Guest Article

Let’s go back in time! About a year ago, before Bigg Boss season4 had started and before the much hyped match fixing scandal, Veena...

Coke Coke Korina (Guest Article)

I have been wondering since my childhood the inspiration behind the most famous song in the history of Pakistan Film Industry “Mery Khiyalo Pe...

Khamoosh Raho: The self-experience (Guest Article)

Usually when a Pakistani film is about to release, if not everyone, at least the movie fanatics know something or the other about the...

Is Pakistan right in welcoming Bollywood back with open arms?

By: Adil Majid Finally some people within India and Pakistan have showed maturity in realizing that art does not thrive in bans and sanctions. This...