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Joyland Trailer Review: Cinema In Pakistan On The Verge Of Reviving

The film industry of Pakistan, post-pandemic has shown stability with an exciting mix of art-house and mainstream films like ‘Kamli’ and ‘The Legend of...
Feroze Khan

Here’s What We Thought Of Feroze Khan’s Latest Rap Song

Feroze Khan doesn't need an introduction. He is one of the most sought-after actors in the Pakistani television industry, having worked on one mega-project...

Review: ‘Agar’ Portrays The Tragic Reality Of Women In Our Society

The current drama industry is a cluster of redundant stories based on love, betrayal, and loss. The majority of the narratives entailing women submerge...
Badshah Begum

‘Badshah Begum’ Ends On A Tragic Yet Thrilling Note

Grand setups, stellar cast, mind-boggling performances, and an absolute admirable premise, this is all one looks for on television these days. However, that requires...
Agar and Dobaara

Is Agar’s Story Similar To Dobara?

Hum TV is among the top entertainment networks in Pakistan’s television industry. They have been serving quality content for decades to people who understand...

‘Qalandar’ Review: An Enchanting Tale Of Having Faith In God

Having faith in God and completely surrendering to him is what one needs to believe in at all times, and we often question if...
Pakistani actresses

Mourning Strong Female Leads: A Seemingly Forgotten Part Of History

The entertainment industry tends to serve as a safe haven for all those who are bogged down by daily life, jumping through hoops of...

‘Betiyaan’ Review: Same Old Story Executed With A Fresh Approach

Our drama serials are constantly being critiqued by audiences for all being the same. Most of them are about a damsel in distress. No...

‘Pinjra’ Review: Narrative That Draws Attention Toward Toxic Parenting

From the hundreds of stories of dysfunctional households, ‘Pinjra’ focuses on the traumatizing impact of strict and harmful parenting. ARY Digital debuted a new...
Mere Humnasheen

Meray Humnasheen’s Finale: A Bittersweet Resolution

An enjoyable finish or a bland conclusion? Netizens tediously discuss the last episode of ‘Meray Humnasheen’. Geo Television's ‘Meray Humnasheen’ aired its final episode...