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6 Things We’d Love To See In Suno Chanda Season 3

It came, we saw, and it conquered. There was absolutely no pre-release hype about the show, no over-the-top promotions or anything. Suno Chanda won...

Are Ramazan Shows A Bit Over The Top This Year?

Ramazan shows often offer wholesome solace in the holy month, and as far as the past few years are considered, audiences have rarely been...

Why Naumaan Ijaz’s Questions About Harassment Were Problematic

The fact that women and minorities face a bevy of varying threats to their existence all over the world is no surprise. Whether you...

Celebrities Are More Than Their Marriages And Divorces

The passage of time adjusts one's sensibilities in numerous ways. One such way is the realization that marriage is not the epitome of celebration,...

In Defense Of Ahad And Sajal And Their Right To Privacy

Social media was set ablaze recently when after a string of rumors and hushed whispers, Sajal Aly removed "Ahad Mir" from her Instagram handle,...

Dear Bushra Ansari: Haleem Pakane Wali Are Your Audience

Oftentimes, a general belief follows the line of thought where unparalleled talent and relentless gratitude must go hand-in-hand for all those who carve a...

Portrayal Of Women In Pakistani Dramas

Pakistani dramas have been a great source of entertainment as well as spreading awareness in the country and also across the world. Our stories...

8 Actors Who Outshined Their Fellow Co-Stars

We as Pakistani's are blessed to have television as the most accessible form of entertainment. And no other industry can satisfy our dramatic cravings...
Mohsin Abbas Haider

Why Is Mohsin Abbas Haider Missing From The Promotions Of ‘Baddua’?

Remember the time when Mahira Khan starred opposite Shahrukh Khan in 'Raees' but we didn't get to see her in any sort of promotion...
Abu Aleeha's filmography

Analysing The Unique Filmography Of Director Abu Aleeha

Signing up for multiple films is a healthy sign for any director, but there isn't any surety that all of them will end up...