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Geo TV Dramas

What’s up with Geo TV’s orange filter?

Geo TV is regarded as one of the most consumed and influential television channels in Pakistan. The channel has churned some of...
Naveed Nashad

Here’s why composers and writers deserve more credit for their work

The Pakistani drama industry may have seen its ups and downs but one thing that has remained consistent is the melodious original...
Eman and Nabila Fight

Nabila’s classist comment leads to an Instagram feud with Eman Suleman

Social media trolling is quite a norm these days, where “Insta followers” think it’s their birth right to leave nasty comments below...

‘Dunk’ Promises A Thrilling Story Revolving Around The #MeToo Movement

The highly anticipated Dunk has released its teasers, indicating that the drama is finally about to go on-air. Produced by Fahad Mustafa's...

‘Clickbait’ Is A Fun New Web-Series About Youtubers At War

Web-series in Pakistan is getting more mainstream attention after Zee5 commissioned five original web-series to be made by some of the top...

Is The New Zara Shahjahan Shoot A Blatant Ripoff Of ‘A Suitable Boy’?

Ever since the official social media handles of the designer brand, Zara Shahjahan, posted a back shot of two people in extravagant...

“It Was All From My Wardrobe,” Sajal Aly On Her DIAFA Outfit

The Distinctive International Arab Festivals (DIAFA) honored Sajal Aly with an award for her contribution to film and television. It is a...

Teasers For ‘Raqs-E-Bismil’ Offer Romance, Drama, And Thrills

The much-awaited small screen biggie Raqs-e-Bismil (literal translation: dance of the wounded), has been keenly awaited by the audience ever since its...

Here’s Why We Think The Sheheryar And Syra Shoot Was A Stroke Of Genius

The last crucial matches of PSL were held over the weekend, which gave cricket fans some exciting and tense moments that culminated...

Zee5 Can No Longer Be Subscribed In Pakistan

Following a few months after its launch across 190+ countries, the Indian digital entertainment platform Zee5 had steadily made its presence known...