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Ahmed Sarym: Can do…doing it!

The eleven year old, Islamabad based Ahmed Sarym is a passionate young fellow who wants to play his share of role in the promotion of Pakistan's showbiz world and lives within so that the country's soft image can be put in light too.

Then And Now: Debut Projects That Launched These Leading Ladies

While it is easy to recognize stars from their breakthrough projects, not many people are aware of the projects with which they started their...

Here’s how our leading actresses are revamping the beauty standards with their ‘natural’ looks

Women have almost always been subjected to impossible standards of beauty. Our culture ranks girls by their face value. “Itni lambi, itni choti, itni kaali,...
Sarmad Khoosat Manto Geo Controversy

Sarmad Khoosat enraged at Geo for unfair treatment with his Manto!

Social Media, and more specifically Twitter, is abuzz with the word “Manto” these days. While it initially started with the cinematic release of Nandita...

Pakistani Dramas That Stand Out For Their Stunning Locations And Visuals

The stories of Pakistani dramas mostly revolve around marriages and family affairs. Because the scope of the stories itself is so limited, there are...
Pakistani artists respond Indian airstrike

Pakistani artists respond to the Indian claims of airstrike in Pakistan

With the recent claims of the Indian government that their air force has intruded Pakistani territory in the aftermath of Pulwama attack and has...
mental health issues

The Mental Health Crisis: Are Dramas & Films Showing It Right?

Today, television and film are considered important tools for addressing taboo subjects and disseminating important information related to them. This is true especially for...
Pakistan film camps

The camps in Pakistan film industry and film industry in camps

There is no denying the fact that almost all film industries have certain camps and groups in them. If Christopher Nolan won't make a...
madame tussauds

Will These Pakistani Celebrities Make It To Madame Tussauds?

The Pakistani film and television industry has made much international impact over the years, and projects being produced by the country’s nascent film industry...
winter wardrobes female celebrities

5 winter wardrobes of our female celebrities we so want to steal

Cold is in the air, winter is progressing, and it is becoming exceedingly difficult to get out of the bed and dress up! But...