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Lollywood’s online magazine PIE Issue Four is out now

Lollywood's sole online magazine Pakistan Insight Entertainment (PIE) just released its fourth issue.Here is the link. The magazine is  in collaboration with Galaxy Lollywood.http://issuu.com/ce.pie/docs/pie_edition_4/1Here...

Galaxy Lollywood Awards – 2015 (Voting is ON)

There are sixteen categories, and you will be selecting one name - the best in your opinion among them, in all those sixteen heads. This way at the end of the voting you would have helped us getting a pulse of public opinion of where you, as a viewer, thought a particular film lacked and where it stood out among others, thus a complete winner out of all six.

Confessions about depression: These television stars get real

The entertainment industry is perceived to be a world of glitz and glamour, where everything is magical and comprises consistent highs. The reality, however, is...

Mohsin Abbas Haider And Shyraa Roy Go ‘Kamli’ With Their Collaboration

In Pakistan, music collaborations have always worked wonders. Back when the Pakistani pop music scene was alive and thriving, collaborations between different musicians were...
Laapata and HKKST Slap

Viewers Divided Over Slap Scenes In ‘Laapata’ And ‘Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay’

In present times, people verbalize their views by dint of an accessible medium like social media. Netizens are particularly critical of drama serials and...
Actor Roles

12 Desirable Roles That These Actors Wished They Had Done!

Actors are both praised and criticized on the basis of the characters that they play or inherit. Moreover, the main reason behind their fame...

Ahmed Sarym: Can do…doing it!

The eleven year old, Islamabad based Ahmed Sarym is a passionate young fellow who wants to play his share of role in the promotion of Pakistan's showbiz world and lives within so that the country's soft image can be put in light too.
Saba Qamar best looks

Here are our favourites from Saba Qamar’s many style avatars

Saba Qamar is an actress who is not afraid to stand out. From her sassy Shehla Chatoor off-shoulder at the Masala Awards 2017 to show-stopping...

Lollywood’s online magazine PIE Issue Seven is out now.

Lollywood’s  sole online magazine Pakistan Insight Entertainment (PIE) just released its seventh issue.Here is the link. The magazine is  in collaboration with Galaxy Lollywoodhttp://issuu.com/ce.pie/docs/pie7

13 Pakistani Film Actors Who Rejected Roles In Major Feature Films

Lollywood is in revival mode and we might have some Pakistani film actors to thank for that. Our actors have proven over the years...