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Parizaad and Laapata

‘Parizaad’ & ‘Laapata’ Tackle Social Issues And We’re All For It

Television dramas are an excellent medium for creating awareness among the masses. Dejectedly, the contemporary TRP race has indulged the creators to spice up...

15 Promising Newcomers To Look Out For In 2022

Every year a bunch of aspiring men and women try their luck in the showbiz industry. Some succeed, and some don’t live up to...
filmmakers acting

6 filmmakers who should get in front of the camera right away

Every other day, we see actors switching their roles to writing, directing, and even producing. If examples have to be our own and recent,...

Meet Naveed Nashad – The Man Behind Many Popular Pakistani Drama OSTs

Pakistani dramas may have their ups and downs in terms of quality content, but their OSTs have always delivered. Even the dramas that might...

The 10 Best Film Soundtracks Of The Decade

There is no denying the fact that the music scene in Pakistan has always been distinct and diverse. And with the resurrection of Pakistani...

Lollywood’s online magazine PIE Issue Seven is out now.

Lollywood’s  sole online magazine Pakistan Insight Entertainment (PIE) just released its seventh issue.Here is the link. The magazine is  in collaboration with Galaxy Lollywoodhttp://issuu.com/ce.pie/docs/pie7

Then And Now: Debut Projects That Launched These Leading Ladies

While it is easy to recognize stars from their breakthrough projects, not many people are aware of the projects with which they started their...
Bollywood actors

Did You Know These Indian Actors Have Worked In Pakistani Films?

Ever since separation and their respective stands about Kashmir, India and Pakistan haven't really been on good terms. Tensions have always existed between the...
Film Pairs

10 Dream Pairings We’d Like To See On The Silver Screen!

The chemistry between lead actors plays a crucial role when it comes to making any television or film venture successful. A project may have...

A Definitive 3-Step Guide For Writing Memorable Female Characters In Pakistani Dramas

Entertainment industries worldwide still need to cover a lot of ground when it comes to representing female characters in fiction. There are countless examples...