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Pakistani Dramas That Stand Out For Their Stunning Locations And Visuals

The stories of Pakistani dramas mostly revolve around marriages and family affairs. Because the scope of the stories itself is so limited, there are...

Armeena Khan’s Impressive Filmography Is Bound To Shut Down The Trolls

Internet trolls leave no celebrity untouched and Armeena Khan is no exception. Unfortunately for some venomous netizens, Khan is not the kind of celebrity...

Meet Naveed Nashad – The Man Behind Many Popular Pakistani Drama OSTs

Pakistani dramas may have their ups and downs in terms of quality content, but their OSTs have always delivered. Even the dramas that might...

Directors And Their Favorite Actors That Are Ruling The Pakistani Drama Industry

Entertainment industries around the world have their share of cliques and camps. And the Pakistani drama industry is not any different. While not rampant...

Celebrities Showing Up For Social Causes Sends Out A Positive Message

It is not every day that we see stars showing up on the streets in the city to show their support towards social causes....

A Definitive 3-Step Guide For Writing Memorable Female Characters In Pakistani Dramas

Entertainment industries worldwide still need to cover a lot of ground when it comes to representing female characters in fiction. There are countless examples...

Here Are Some Heartwarming Posts With Which Celebrities Announced Their Parenthood

It is always fun watching your favorite celebrities act in blockbuster movies, walk down with the most prestigious awards, or seeing them living a...

10 Actors Who Rejected These Popular Pakistani Dramas

In Pakistan, an actor is remembered more for the roles they have done on television than in any other medium. Simply because television is...

14 Pakistani Films That Perfectly Capture The Spirit Of Patriotism

14th August is a special day for Pakistanis all around the world. On this day we not only celebrate the spirit of our independence...
Saba Qamar Pakistan Drama

5 Saba Qamar Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Saba Qamar’s acting prowess is something that even her strongest critic would not cast an aspersion on. Plus, quite notably, at a time when...