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What ‘Daraar’ Teaches Us About Unfaithful Partners

Cheating has become a common act in the current world. In a monogamous relationship, seeking out multiple partners is considered a disrespectful stab behind...
Pakistani and Indian Actresses

Who Wore It Better? 9 Times Pakistani And Indian Actors Wore The Same Outfit

Be it on the red carpet, during promotions or at any event, the actresses of the Pakistani and Indian entertainment industries have always been...

Badshah Begum Sets Benchmark For Quality Production

The Pakistani television industry has often found itself being scrutinized by all those who wish to see content that is different. While some yearn...

Pakistani Actors Who Belong In The Marvel Cinematic Multiverse

Ms Marvel is all the hype these days and we're living for the representation. However, we can't help but feel that with the multiverse...

Filmmakers, Actors Open Up About Cinema, Censorship, And Struggles

Entering the premises of SZABIST, I felt a wave of nostalgia hit me. An alumnus myself, I took in the preparations that greeted me...

Happy Birthday To The Master Of All Trades – Ali Zafar

He has won accolades around the world, he makes remarkable music and his acting wows everyone. His voice and his music speak for itself...

15 Promising Newcomers To Look Out For In 2022

Every year a bunch of aspiring men and women try their luck in the showbiz industry. Some succeed, and some don’t live up to...

Everything That Happened At The Dum Mastam Trailer Launch

Red carpets are always exhilarating. Inundated with the comings and goings of monumental names in the industry, such was the case on 24th February,...

Here’s What All Went Down At The Badshah Begum Press Meet

Entering the premises of producer Rafay Rashdi's house, one is greeted by the man himself. While a welcoming smile ornaments Rashdi's visage at 7:15...
Abu Aleeha's filmography

Analysing The Unique Filmography Of Director Abu Aleeha

Signing up for multiple films is a healthy sign for any director, but there isn't any surety that all of them will end up...