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Money Problems – Bilal Lashari goes all Maula Jatt with his producer Hasan Waqas...

Sorry for the overly dramatic title but once you have read the entire piece you will realize how apt the title is. So what...

Jodi Makers – Sizzling Couples I Desire to Rock the World

I tried to make some sizzling and gorgeous pairs from the matrix of leading and promising hunks and divas of our industry. All of us, I think, would want them to rock the world and leave an everlasting impression with their on-screen chemistry and talent package.

Meera’s sex video leaks and the drama unfolds…

By now, almost everyone with an internet connection knows , what our very own "Miss Meera Jee" has done . In case you were...

8 Reasons you should get yourself a Waar ticket right away. ( Spoiler free!!!)

You don't want to miss all this:- ( In no particular order)1. This dance sequence between Shamoon Abbasi and Meesha Shafi. I mean can't you...

Zinda Bhaag and the Oscar ruse: Thokha ho rya aay taaday naal.

So by now almost all of you know that the up-coming film Zinda Bhaag is going to be Pakistan's official entry in the “Foreign Film” category...

Eid-ul-fitr 2013: A Game of Thrones, who are you supporting?

American TV series, Game of Thrones, may not be returning until 2014, but Eid-ul-fitr this year in Pakistan is going to be pretty much a game of thrones itself! In this post I will be sharing the uncanny resemblance that the four Eid releases share with some characters from the series. If you have not seen the show, don't worry (Read More)

I’m sorry but this new song “Engreeza”from Main Hoon Shahid Afridi is out-wright cheap!

I'm sure that almost everyone of you at one point in life has heard one such  song that has made you wonder what the...

Pakistan Film Industry: Tumours helding it back

There was a time when our movies were a big source of entertainment and our cinemas used to make silver and golden jubilees. The decades of 50s, 60s, and 70s were the most successful ones the history of Pakistani Cinema has ever recorded. Even the 80s, wasn’t that bad, especially the former half of it. (Read More)

Kaptaan’s Theatrical Trailer: A good effort on whole, Rizwana Sheikh reviews

With 3:45 minutes in duration, the theatrical trailer includes scenes of common people carrying the flags of Imran’s political party (Tehreek-e-Insaaf) attending a public gathering, close ups of depressed faces, poor lot, last minute clips of cricket world cup 1992 (Read More)

Pakistan Fashion Industry’s Love for Bollywood

the actual concerning point is that our fashion celebrities are so much impressed and awe-inspired by the Indian productions that they could not only spare time for a 3-hour show but also got to be much exited regarding the event. Their after-show comments to media were a clear evidence. (Read More)