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Video of the day ( 10 June): Meera in another B Grade Indian flick...

                    Meera in another B Grade Indian flick "Bhadaas". What GL says: Meera has had quite an interesting run at the Bollywood box office...

Sabiha’s cinderella

After giving Pakistan its first worldwide release in 35 years in the form of Khamosh Pani, director Sabiha Sumar is geared up for her next...
Films Friday (8 February 2019)

Films this Friday (8 February 2019): Three films for you this weekend

Last weekend saw no new releases apart from the very limited release of two Indian Punjabi movies (Sallu Ki Shadi and Uda Ada) that...
dilruba hania amir

Hania Amir’s Next Has Her Playing A ‘Dil Phaink’ To A Host Of Hunks

We have seen numerous plays revolving around men two-timing their significant others with a sultry seductress, and sometimes quite a few of them. Well,...

From Karachi to apocalypse

A few days ago, a teaser of a Pakistani film was uploaded on Youtube – the video started with a shot of satellites in...

Balochistan takes a rise on Pakistan’s film map

By Aayan Mirza Feature Image by: Zeeshan Mahmood For years the province of Balochistan has remained culturally invisible for majority of the country. Most of us...
mohsin abbas haider

Mohsin Abbas Haider Is Making A Comeback After His Domestic Abuse Scandal

There was a time when Mohsin Abbas Haider was the darling of the entertainment business in Pakistan. After getting noticed in different fields such...

Guess what? Maya is all set to scare you this Friday June 12.

by Momin Ali Munshi Now this is some news. Horror film "Maya" first came in the news when its trailer was released a few weeks back...
Reema Meera fight

Reema reignites old feud with Meera, but it goes deeper than you think

Conflicts between two professionals working in the same setting are inevitable. What's important, however, is how you take them positively, learn from those negative...

Films this Friday (April 12, 2019): Three films for you this weekend

It is an open truth that our cinema industry is in need of immediate help. The new local releases that have come out these...