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Are Humayun Saeed and Sajal Aly Starring Together in Main Manto Nahi Hoon?

Khalil ur Rehman is a highly acclaimed and controversial name. The screenwriter has his way with success and has produced multiple hit scripts during...
Mawra in Neem and Nauroz

Mawra Hocane Talks Neem and Nauroz in Her Return to the Screen

Mawra Hocane is a prominent name in the Pakistan television industry and has garnered the love of her audience for her immaculate acting skills,...

Who Should Shayan be With in Ehraam e Junoon? Shanzay or Sajeela?

Ehraam e Junoon is off to a roaring start! The drama has us hooked with its vivid storytelling, narratives from different economic backgrounds, and...

Ushna Shah Turns up the Comedy Quotient in Engaging Episode of Hasna Mana Hai

Ushna Shah, whom we last saw in ARY Digital’s Habs as Ayesha, is known for her witty replies and spontaneity to keep the audience...

Current Pakistani Dramas That Are More Than Just Saas Bahu Stories

Pakistani dramas offer more than just saas-bahu stories. There, we said it. Gone are the days when 9 out of 10 prime time dramas...

Abu Aleeha Opens Up on Upcoming Movies Taxali and Kukri

Abu Aleeha has become a massive part of Pakistan's movie scene with multiple releases in a year's time. Abu Aleeha’s “Kukri” and “Taxali” are...

Heartwarming Conversations in Kuch Ankahi Strike a Chord with Viewers

ARY Digital's Kuch Ankahi rose to prominence for its star-studded and ensemble cast, apt direction, and its stimulating and refreshing storyline. The latest episode...

Our 5 Best On-Screen Couples from Current Pakistani Dramas

With an influx of new dramas that are airing on television alongside ongoing stories that continue to entertain, the audience has a large pool...

Hum TV’s Neem Explores Romance and Societal Issues

The team behind hit drama serial Sabaat and Momina Duraid Production are all set to air new drama serial Neem on HUM TV this...

Is Hum TV Using Wahaj Ali’s Fame to Promote Previous Dramas?

Wahaj Ali is riding on newfound glory. He has transitioned from being just another actor to this year’s golden boy. Such is his fame...