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Farhan Saeed Speaking Up About Privacy Initiates Larger Discussion

Recently, Farhan Saeed came forth with a statement regarding the numerous rumors and news pieces surrounding him and Urwa Hocane. The couple, that had...
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With So Much Love Around, Why Is Romance Dead On TV?

Pakistani television has been actively diving in the various social issues that are prevalent in our society for quite some time now. However, while...

Is Ayeza Khan Doing Justice to Her Character in Mein?

The latest television series on the scene, Mein, featuring the dynamic duo of Wahaj Ali and Ayeza Khan, has sparked widespread discussions since the...

Old Vs Modern: An Interesting Discussion On The State Of Pakistani Dramas

An online discussion panel hosted by the NUST Literary Circle invited renowned names that represent the classic and modern eras of Pakistani television dramas....

Did ‘Sabaat’ Just Use Usman Mukhtar To Boost Ratings?

Popular drama serial Sabaat is all ready to air its last episode this coming Sunday. The drama, which has been highly praised for its...

When Will Our Public Stop Berating Celebs During Their Happy Moments?

As a nation we are quick to point out mistakes of those in the public eye. A slip here and a controversy would have...
Pakistani dramas

Pakistani Dramas Have Been Critical To Cinema’s Revival: We Explain How

The Pakistani television serial industry is probably the most influential entertainment-related entity under the broader umbrella of the Pakistani entertainment industry. Not only has...

Portrayal Of Women In Pakistani Dramas

Pakistani dramas have been a great source of entertainment as well as spreading awareness in the country and also across the world. Our stories...

It’s time we say no to ‘thapads’ in our dramas

If you’re a TV drama enthusiast like I am, it is almost guaranteed you will watch the exchange of a thapad (slap) every now and then. To me, it is...

Jaise Aapki Marzi: A Gripping Exploration of Narcissism in Marriage

Pakistani television has always had a knack for delving into the complexities of human relationships, and the recently started drama series, "Jaise Aapki Marzi,"...