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Breaking Bad: Actors Reaching New Heights Of Stardom With Negative Roles

Gone are the days when actors were afraid of committing to negative roles. In this day and age, modern dramas prove that being bad...
Shaan Shahid

Shaan Shahid’s Epic Six Film Journey As A Director To ‘Zarrar’

In an impressive career as an actor, spanning three-decades and over 500 films, Shaan Shahid has ruled the commercial cinema since the 90s like...
Bilal ashraf

Is Bilal Ashraf Pakistan’s Answer To Keanu Reeves?

Bilal Ashraf has been rather selective about the movies he picks up, however, the budding star has had an impressive run with quite a...
Film Pairs

10 Dream Pairings We’d Like To See On The Silver Screen!

The chemistry between lead actors plays a crucial role when it comes to making any television or film venture successful. A project may have...
Actor Roles

12 Desirable Roles That These Actors Wished They Had Done!

Actors are both praised and criticized on the basis of the characters that they play or inherit. Moreover, the main reason behind their fame...
pakistani celebrities

We Have Major FOMO After Seeing These Pakistani Celebrities On Vacation

Summer is in full swing and nothing says vacation like some sandy beaches, exotic destinations and lots of traveling. Pakistani celebrities have got the...

13 Pakistani Film Actors Who Rejected Roles In Major Feature Films

Lollywood is in revival mode and we might have some Pakistani film actors to thank for that. Our actors have proven over the years...

Celebrity travel style file: Here’s how your favorite actresses are vacationing this summer

Summer means holidaying and vacationing, in simpler terms. And honestly, is there a better way to flaunt your summer style and get that perfect...

Here’s how our leading actresses are revamping the beauty standards with their ‘natural’ looks

Women have almost always been subjected to impossible standards of beauty. Our culture ranks girls by their face value. “Itni lambi, itni choti, itni kaali,...

These Pakistani stars made it to Hollywood and we are not complaining

Art has no boundaries and limitations and it is also somewhat true that every artist aspires to get the biggest platform to showcase their...