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Mahira Khan Spills the Beans on Her Favorite Pakistani Drama

Pakistani dramas have garnered international acclaim for their exceptional storytelling and outstanding performances. Among the many talented actors in the industry, Mahira Khan has emerged as one of the most celebrated stars, thanks to...

Eid Movie Releases in Pakistan: A Feast or Famine for the Film Industry?

As the festive season of Bakra Eid approaches, movie enthusiasts in Pakistan are gearing up for an exciting line-up of films set to hit the screens. However, the simultaneous release of multiple movies has...

5 Punjabi Comedy Movies That’ll Make You Go Balle Balle with Laughter

Punjabi cinema has always been a treasure trove of laughter and entertainment. The witty dialogues, hilarious situations, and relatable characters make Punjabi comedy movies a must-watch for anyone looking to have a good time.Even...

Javed Sheikh: A Rupee for Bollywood, But What About Lollywood?

In a recent turn of events that has left many fans baffled and disappointed, Pakistani actor Javed Sheikh revealed that he demanded a measly Rs 1 to play Shah Rukh Khan's father in the...

Director Shahzad Rafique Gears Up for Untold Rendition of Heer Ranjha

First penned in 1766, Heer Ranjha is a timeless fable that has become a massive part of our folk history. The poem has had multiple iterations, some taking away the gruesome nature of the...

Who Should Shayan be With in Ehraam e Junoon? Shanzay or Sajeela?

Ehraam e Junoon is off to a roaring start! The drama has us hooked with its vivid storytelling, narratives from different economic backgrounds, and insights into the weird emotion we call love. The drama’s...

Current Pakistani Dramas That Are More Than Just Saas Bahu Stories

Pakistani dramas offer more than just saas-bahu stories. There, we said it. Gone are the days when 9 out of 10 prime time dramas would focus on saas-bahu shenanigans and hook the audience through...

Abu Aleeha Opens Up on Upcoming Movies Taxali and Kukri

Abu Aleeha has become a massive part of Pakistan's movie scene with multiple releases in a year's time. Abu Aleeha’s “Kukri” and “Taxali” are next in the line of upcoming films but the director...

Is Hum TV Using Wahaj Ali’s Fame to Promote Previous Dramas?

Wahaj Ali is riding on newfound glory. He has transitioned from being just another actor to this year’s golden boy. Such is his fame that production houses are trying to engage him in new...

Are Current Pakistani Dramas Questioning the Sanctity of Marriage?

The institution of marriage is a bond as old as time itself. Our society and religion thrive on the sacred bond a husband shares with his wife, and the love and respect that blossoms...