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PSL 6 has a trilogy of anthems and we’re here for them all!

There is no denying that the Pakistan Super League has become one of the most important events in our calendar and has...

Khalil Ur Rehman walks out of a live show on national television

Khalil ur Rehman Qamar is notorious for some of his "problematic" statements and his falling out with Pakistani feminists, be it about...

Innovative Biscuits launches a new short-film platform “Digestive Showtime”

Feature films have been hovering over our local film industry ever since the dawn of Lollywood, but with time, we can see...

8 reasons why Pakistani dramas are popular across the horizon

It is no secret that Pakistani dramas have a widespread viewership, not just in their home country but all over the world...

Team ‘Jalan’ to reunite for ‘Lockdown’

There’s no doubt in the fact that the team of the hit television drama ‘Jalan’ had fantastic chemistry on-screen, and each actor...

Here’s what went down between Nadia Khan, her husband, and his ex-wife

One of Pakistan’s most celebrated morning show hosts, Nadia Khan, recently broke the news of her third marriage to the retired Wing...
Talk Shows Galore

Brace yourself for more celebrity talk shows!

It seems like our actors are exploring new avenues in their careers and this newly married celebrity couple is not far behind....
Most followed celebrities

The 10 most followed Pakistani celebrities

Back in the day, the only measure of a celebrity’s popularity was how well they performed in their respective fields. But with...
Bilal Saeed Viral Video

Here’s all you need to know about Bilal Saeed’s viral video

A recent video of celebrity singer Bilal Saeed circulated on social media a few days ago in which we see the singer...
Meera in Salakhein

That time when Meera had about 17 outfits in one song

The cinema of the '90s, despite its shortcomings, had its few peculiar yet attractive features that are hardly reproduced in the current...